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Product development

Vesuto's main phases of product development process when manufacturing a product from idea to sales packinging.


We sketch your visions and ideas together with you. We help for example with material choices and utilize our partners if necessary. 

We enlist the help of design and graphic desgin professionals to ensure an ergonomically funcitonal and selling looking product for you.

Technical documentation

We do the required techinal documentation needed for patent applications or for sales and marketing brochures, for example. 


Through designing we get a 3D model which is a starting point for manufacturing product. 

The first step is to make a 3D printout out of the 3D model. With the 3D printout the product's functionality can be tested, for example, before the mold is made. 

Injection molding tool

A plastic product in manufactured by a injection molding tool. We design and manufacture these tools ourselves. 

We utilize our experience in plastic product designing enabling economically viable molding tool solutions. 


Injection molding is a fast manufacturing method. The cycle time is from few seconds to couple of minutes.


The products are designed in a way that they are also collapsible.


A sales packaging is an essential part of a selling product. We utilize our partners expertize when designing sales packaking.


Vesuto offer all or any chosen component of our previously mentioned services for your project. 

We design, produce and manufacture all components.